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Many people email with questions about how to get more information about Iris' work, how to help, how to begin planning a visit to an Iris centre, or how get started on a life of ministry among the poor in a foreign country. Iris has some books and DVDs that will give you a great head start before you plan further.

We suggest that those who are interested in working together with Iris read at least Rolland's grandfather's Visions Beyond the Veil and Rolland and Heidi's book, There is Always Enough.

There is also a DVD called Mama Heidi. These will show you something about our background and help prepare you for our situation today in Africa.

There is Always Enough, Visions Beyond the Veil, as well as Mama Heidi and other resources are available through this web site. If you have anyproblems placing an order please email our administrator.

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